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Linux remains the number one destination for hackers: white hat, black hat or any colour in between. A key part of that is the ability to engineer open source code to do your bidding, but also that the tools are open source and available under open licenses.

With Jonni fully refreshed and updated from his sabbatical now – packing a techno boat to live on – he’s crowbarring Kali Linux onto the DVD and writing up a handy guide to using its hacking playground the Metasploit framework. We’re not saying you’re going to become elite hackers overnight, but it might offer a sense of how systems become vulnerable and the basic ways you can stop attacks.

Just a few years back (perhaps even when I started here) many thought Linux was only good for hacking, coding and running servers, but this issue we’re delving into a good chunk of creative software, kicking off with an extra-big slice of Blender and how it’s taking over the 3D rendering world. One reason for Blender’s unstoppable rise is that commercial competitors couldn’t just buy it and shut it down when it became a threat, precisely because of its GPL open source licence. Something to think on!

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