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The Linux Format team genuinely hope you love this issue, as we think it shows how GNU/Linux is touching
every aspect of not just the computing world, but our everyday lives too. Nothing highlights this better than our lead news story and the fallout from Heartbleed. Suddenly the world woke up and realised an open source project – OpenSSL – was a vital element in their lives, but from a near-disaster comes an amazing new solution.
Unlikely bedfellows Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and the Linux Foundation – just to mention a few – announced the Core Infrastructure Initiative. A non-profit consortium to provide funding for the Internet’s most vital infrastructure projects. It’s the best result to come from such a crisis and you can read about it in news.
It is one of the failings of the FOSS world – or perhaps more generally humanity – not to bang its drum enough to raise awareness of these vital projects to ensure they’re fully backed, before disaster strikes rather than after. But when projects are run by developers rightly more interested in the coding than promotion, it’s an inevitable side effect. More cheerfully we have another mad-packed issue full of interesting, fun and useful projects. For Raspberry Pi owners we’re showing you how to hack Minecraft Pi and build an in-game trebuchet. Discover how to design and 3D print your own Raspberry Pi case and if that’s not amazing enough it’s time you got stuck into OpenStack and use DevStack to create your own personal VM-based cloud
Of course, the cover feature this issue speaks for itself. We’re encouraging you all to build your own Linux machines, whether that’s desktop systems, mini-media centres or your own home server. Now is a fantastic time to build a system with even entry-level components offering fabulous performance. Fancy something more lightweight? You could buy a Chromebook and put Linux on that using the guide. There’s so much going on it’s hard to cram it all in!

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