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There’s no better, friendlier introduction to using Linux than with Linux Mint. Linux and the accompanying library of open source tools means you’re no longer locked to a single OS vendor, a single desktop or a single app store.

With the recent release of the new Mint 19.2 we’ve decided to visit how best to install it for a perfect set up. Hopefully both newbies and long-time Linux users will get useful insights into how to better set up their systems and get started. From install options, where to place your /home, making the most of LVM and loads more.

As in every issue there’s so much to explore and it covers a huge learning-curve from basic app installation to assembly coding to access Linux system calls. We’ve also have both 32- and 64-bit distros this issue so older machines can stay supported while we’re looking at lightweight distros in our Roundup, so you can keep those ageing systems running as smoothly as possible.

We also explore where the world could be headed in the form of the new open source Google OS called Fuchsia and its non-Linux kernel, could this eventually supplant Linux or are we just turning pink with envy? It’s a lot to take in as always but have a play around and enjoy!

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