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In the beginning there was Ubuntu. Since then you've seen Ubuntu Christian Edition, Ubuntu Satanic Edition and, just a few weeks ago, Ubuntu Muslim Edition. But before all those came about - indeed before even the world was created - there was the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and only when His Noodly Appendage touched us did life begin.

And now Pastafarians can rejoice everywhere, with the release of Ubuntu Flying Spaghetti Monster Edition. We believe His Noodliness chose Linux because Linux users are obviously all pirates already, and, as the graph below shows, the only way we can stop global warming is to become pirates:

In order to adapt Linux to the needs of our noodly master and his pirate persuasion, we have had to replace kernel "Oops!" messages with kernel "Arrrrrg!" messages, we have renamed Gnome's email client to "Creation", and we have forced Linux to power down every Friday because, of course, every Friday is a religious holiday for Pastafarians. We believe these changes - along with forcing users to wear full pirate regalia while using their computer - will soon lower global temperatures and make the face of His Noodliness to shine upon us.

Ubuntu Flying Spaghetti Monster Edition is now undergoing final beta testing and will be released shortly. Prepare yourselves to be touched by His Noodly Appendage!

Ubuntu Flying Spaghetti Monster Edition: Linux for Pirates.

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"we have renamed Gnome’s

"we have renamed Gnome’s email client to “Creation”"

Hahaha! Nice!

As a fellow UBUNTU user it's

As a fellow UBUNTU user it's good to see your blog <a href="" rel="nofollow">isn't yet affected by this</a>. I've been working through the night on a solution!

I hope this isn't an April

I hope this isn't an April fools thing. It sounds like a really good idea.

When it turned noon, the

When it turned noon, the alert went away.
Happy April Fools Day.
(The animated cursor hole is real unfortunately, just not a virus that attacks specifically blogs and makes pictures show upside down).

And I agree, the Ubuntu theme would be cool

Being an olpharte through

Being an olpharte through and through, I found this blog unfunny and not in the slightest bit clever. Pity to waste time on such a poor April Fool's Day effort.

I like the idea of renaming

I like the idea of renaming “Oops!” messages to “Arrrrrg!” messages...
perhaps you should also change the kernel "panic" to a "shiver-me-timbers" :)

Well, it's somewhat more

Well, it's somewhat more amusing than the Peacock Linux AF I saw somewhere else, if only for the word "Pastafarian".

Yes, I am an olpharte! As

Yes, I am an olpharte!
As far as "Pastafarian" goes I can commend the following site

Let's go one further and ask

Let's go one further and ask for Ubuntu American Edition...Wait, there is an American edition. It's called MEPIS. ;-)