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Ransomware attacks

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Safely tucked away in the sub-basement server dungeon of Linux Format Towers, were largely unaware of the icecream-melting heat of these summer days, though the walls are left mighty dannk from the river Avon worming its way through the ground towards our self-imposed entombment.

What does worry us though is the creeping threat of ransomware attacks and social engineering of our feeble human brains. So we tasked Jonni – inbetween tea making runs – to write a guide on how to beat ransomware, better protect from social engineering attacks and more! I

t’s been a fun issue to put together you’ve got a Roundup the best text editors, explore open source notes, redesign your home, compile speedy suckless tools, speed up Minecraft builds with Python, consider future databases, improve Android and loads more!

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