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Storage, storage everywhere, but not a bit of it is safe. Where do you store your stuff? On your boot drive? On a magnetised platter spinning at 7,200rpm? Amongst the electrons in a solid state drive? On someone else’s server in the sky?

There’s no one storage solution that’s perfect for everyone. Perhaps you need the fastest access possible. Perhaps redundancy is an absolute must. Perhaps you need terabytes upon terabytes. Perhaps flexible access from anywhere is key. This issue we’re letting Jonni loose on the storage problem. He’s going to explore the many options available, explain how to create redundancy and store files in the cloud for easy access. As flexible as cloud storage is – it’s great for simple off-site backup – you can’t beat keeping things locally and in your own jurisdiction.

With the price of SSD storage crashing below 10p per gigabyte and old-school HDD storage bouncing around 2 to 3 pence per gigabyte, storage is cheap right now. So it’s an ideal time to build that mirror or RAID6 you’ve always promised yourself! Let Jonni guide you through the jungle of storage types, file systems, configurations and options to get the perfect solution.

If all your files are already securely tucked away, we’ve plenty of other features and tutorials to keep you busy this summer. We test the best lightweight desktops you might want to try, we build a better ebook library, there’s more fractal fun to be had with open source, why not livestream your gaming or maker antics with a Raspberry Pi – plus benchmarking and our get-started guide to the amazing Pop!_OS from System76. It’s another packed issue, so enjoy!

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