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Does Linux need an antivirus? I was asked this by a reader and didn’t quite know how to answer. They were moving from a Windows background where standard practice is to constantly run anti-malware, as generally everything can be seen as a threat to a Windows user. Never did we need any less of an excuse to throw Jonni once more into the deep end, let him flounder around for a bit and see what nuggets of useful information he can drag back to shore.

So that’s what Jonni’s been doing, trying his best to get his Linux boxes infected with all manner of online nasties, without much luck as it turns out. You can read his guide to Linux malware this issue. As we’ve often alluded to, it’s more about good practice than running constantly outdated anti-malware software.

The other big news for this issue is that Ubuntu 19.04 has been released. We have the full 64-bit release on the DVD alongside the equally exciting Fedora 30. If you’re looking to try Linux in a friendly form, or want a simple environment to play with some of the latest open source technology like the Wayland display server, either of these offers a friendly and stable system.

Talking of Wayland, we take an in-depth look at the technology that’s going to be powering your Linux display. It’s complicated: it’s been in development for 10 years now and it still only just seems to work. With alternative open source operating systems under the microscope, more Pi projects, using Linux to power embedded systems and setting up calendars, there’s something for everyone, so enjoy! *perhaps not quite all...

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