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Off into the sunset

I've had an awesome time working on Linux Format these last years, but it's time for me to move on. I started back on LXF30 - 110 issues ago! - and have appeared in some form or another in every subsequent issue - whether that's writing PHP tutorials, C# coding academies, features, reviews or, well, just about every part of the magazine. It's been a huge privilege working in a job where all I have to do is sit and play around with Linux, and you all have been very supportive during my tenure.

But now things are changing: effective Monday I'll start the process of stepping back from my role of editor on Linux Format. I'm staying with Future, but will be moving to the IT department - after all, if you want to hire a smart geek, you hire a Linux geek, right? Because of what we not-so-fondly call the "Christmas crunch" - where magazine deadlines compress so that we can all spend the Christmas holidays at home - I'll be staying with the magazine for most of my time until January, at which point I'll spend progressively less time here and progressively more time in IT.

In my place, the ever-capable Graham Morrison is stepping up to the plate as editor of the magazine. This might mean you get more KDE love than ever, it might mean you get more music tutorials(!), but at the very least it means you get a somewhat smilier face on the Welcome page!

Andrew Gregory, who is responsible right now for wordsmithery and making sure our large team of writers do what we ask them to do, will become Deputy Editor of the magazine, and as a result is going to be taking a more active part in writing for the magazine.

I'm confident that both Graham and Andrew are going to do kick-ass jobs on Linux Format, and I hope you'll join me in congratulating them on the moves.

This also leaves a gap in our team for a reviews editor. The criteria are simple: you have to love using Linux, you have to want to spread that love to other people, and you have to like Real Ale. If that's you, why not start polishing up your CV?

(PS: If you use Twitter and want to keep in touch, you're welcome to follow me @twostraws)

Your comments


Paul you've been an absolutely awesome Editor. We'll miss you on the Welcome page, and everywhere else in LXF. But hey that's the problem being a super cool geek! Everyone needs a piece of you!

Have fun in IT!

Move to IT, you want a lack of respect?

As a Linux systems administrator, I have say...are you crazy? :) You must be overflowing with too much respect now being an Editor. If you feel the need to go to IT you must want the punishment :)

A recent quote about IT: We've been doing so much, with so little, for so long, we are now able to accomplish anything with nothing.

So Long, Amigo!

So long, Hudzilla! Can't thank you enough for all the coding tutorials.

Any chance of guest appearances?

PS: More KDE is always good!

It has been a great ride captain, aye!

Mr. Paul; it has been a pleasure all these years.
I've learned a lot during your stay at LF.
Granted, I might be a late comer, but nevertheless, it has been a
great ride.

Best of wishes.
PS: I bet those Coding Specials will sell high on Ebay now.

Now... Mr. Graham... please bring back the Ardour Guru Daniel James!
We could do with some Mastering awesomeness!!!

What about the tuxradar

What about the tuxradar podcast. Will you still be on it?

Respect is due.

Respect is due.

Re: What about the tuxradar

Sorry; no. The one due to go live today is the first one without me, and it's probably better for it :)

Damn it.

Can't please stop following me around the company thank you very much.



I know I've made your life miserable more times than not, Paul, and yet you've been an amazing and patient Editor. It was an awesome experience working with you.

I was going to end with "Enjoy!" but I gotta ask, will you maybe spy on our dear LXF and PCP boys still or do you now transform into a BOFH ;)


Thank you

Thank you for the introduction into Linux last year, thank you for the wonderful tutorials, the training, the Coding Academy, your valuable opinions and I think most importantly, thanks for the laughs.

Good luck with your future, don't disappear from the radar completely.

goodbye paul :-(

Goodbye paul you've been a great editor but at least we should have more kde now but still well miss you

Well, thanks for that...

I am gutted. Simply gutted. I will console myself with Linux love, Real Ale and mumbling reviews to myself.

Be well, Paul.

Bye bye and thank you

Goodbye Paul, and all the very best for the future. In the time you have been editor I have seen the light and started to migrate my skills away from ASP.Net / C# to more open wonderfulness. Your tutorials have been a large part of that.

Learning about Linux has made me fall in love with computing all over again.

Thank you.

And another "thank you" to Mr. Hudson

You've done an amazing job, and LXF is my favorite Linux mag! Thanks for your years of work and best of luck in your current endeavors. Now, finally on to some serious KDE love...


Sorry to hear your leaving.... we'll really miss you!
can't stand working with Mike any more... ha ha ha

miss you from the mag and the podcast...

wish you all the best in the future, remember us and perhaps you could still do a piece now and again??

thanks for all your efforts



Your voice will be missed sir. Thank you for all of the great insight! Because of you I got my computer illiterate wife to use and love Linux. Thank you on this 11th day of the 11th month....

Taking the long walk into the cursed earth (or IT)

You sir are a star and your tutorials legendary, you will be sorely missed.


When the new editor gets stuck he asks the I.T guy?
goodluck and have fun.


All the best, I'm sure we will continue to hear from you. Recently I was going through some old press cuttings from B.L. (Before Linux) and came across one by a certain Stephen Vaughan-Nicols - so I'm sure we have not heard the last of you.

Whatever you do do try to

Whatever you do do try to avoid techforums, such a mess grrrrrr

grrr ~I meant techradar

grrr ~I meant techradar forums of course

Good luck

All the best and good luck in your new venture. It's been great working with you. I'm sure we've not heard the last from you, old editors never die, they just end up writing Hot Picks :)

More KDE love will be nice, but less Gentoo jibes will be nicer :P

thank you paul

Hi Paul

If it hadn't been for Linux Format I would not be using Linux today. I cut my teeth in Linux terms by following your tutorials and guides.
Not only do I respect your considerable knowledge in this area, I am also inspired by your zeal and commitment towards free software, which comes across in the podcast.

I wish you all the best in your new job and would like you to know how much your work has been appreciated by the thousands of readers and listeners like me who you will never get to meet, but who you have helped and encouraged.

Thank you

PS Will you be writing anymore books? I have copies of Fedora Unleashed and Ubuntu Unleashed and find them a terrific resource.


The one thing we can always be sure of, aside form death and taxes, is change. I hope your change of job works out well for you.
It will be interesting to see what difference another change of editor will make to the magazine. Things have progressed pretty well under both your and Nick's leadership and Graham looks like a safe pair of hands.
I look forward with interest.

Thank you for all the good

Thank you for all the good work on the magazine and the podcast! You will be missed...

And, most importantly, good luck in your new job!


"Graham looks like a safe pair of hands"

I reckon Robert Green would be a safer pair of hands!

Only kidding! Good luck to Graham & Paul in their new jobs!

All the best :)

I’ve known Paul since the day he and Nick interviewed me for the staff writer position at Linux Format, over six years ago (and from before then through the pages of Linux Format, of course). There’s no doubt that Paul is going to be missed by all of us, both professionally and personally. We’re a very close team, as I think you can tell in both the magazine and the podcast. But over the last six months it had become evident that Paul’s current infatuation with coding was more than his typical 48-hour Mountain Dew fuelled obsession. And I’m glad he’s finally found an IT role he’s happy with. All the very best for the future, Paul. I know you’ll only ever be a phone call away.

Ciao Paul

As a coder myself I can understand I'm very happy for you Paul. And LXF will continue to go from strength to strength I trust. But still, thank you very much Paul for all the heart you put into this job.


I'm sure you'll be up to the challenge...


Thank you!!!! and good luck with the new job

Really sad you are leaving

Hi Paul

Really sad to hear you are leaving.

During your time as editor you have steadily developed LXF into one of the best computer magazines around. Don’t let that Morrison bloke undo all the good work. (Only joking, Graham!!)

All the very best to both of you in your new jobs.


Well done Paul!

Thanks for your great work!

Happy hacking

Thanks Paul, you've done a grand job with LXF. I think it's safe to say Future's IT dept will be awesome, or at least highly entertaining, with you on board!

Wishing you all the best

I hope you pop back for the occasional cameo appearance!

Too soon!

I've only just started reading Linux Format - what have I done?!

Seriously, thanks for such a great magazine. It has been great to enjoy such a magazine - something I haven't experienced since Amiga Format back when I was a kid! Wishing you all the best in your new job, and also wishing Graham all the best as well - I'm sure he'll be a sublime replacement!


Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

Gonna miss you. But change is always good. It keeps people on their toes and gives them a challenge. It'll be interesting to see how the magazine changes with you gone.
All the best in IT. They don't know lucky they are.

So long and thanks for all the... quality tech journalism

I've been reading your work in LXF for nearly as long as you've been writing it and I have always been impressed. I especially like the way you seperate politics from technology. There is much preaching and pontification on this FLOSSy world of ours and that's fine but it slips into places where it isn't wanted. That has never been a problem with LXF.

Thank you.


Hi Paul,

If it wasn't for the LXF OpenSuse 10 special making a rare guest appearance at eye level in my local WHSmith 4 years ago, I may never have discovered LXF. The mag was great back then, and has since switched to awesome.

Thanks for all the hard work you must've put in, especially on the coding tutorials they've been fantastic. I remember having to drop out of the Coding Academy due to other committments which I was really gutted about, so thanks for the special on that too. (My print outs of the web pages always cut bits off).

All the best with the new job, I hope it works out.


Hey Paul,

If not for your efforts, I would have never made the leap from 'Linux admirer from afar' to advanced Linux user. Also, your code tutorials were exactly what I had been looking for for YEARS; They are unmatched in the world of tutorials, and they have helped me IMMENSELY with learning to code. I am VERY sad to see you go, and will definitely miss the content you bring to the magazine and the entertaining knowledge you bring to the podcast. Because of your influence, my whole family is now happily using Linux. I cringe to think of all the future tutorials you won't be writing! I like Graham Morrison and definitely wish him well, but you will be missed and I hope the magazine and the podcast aren't changed too drastically.

Best of luck,

One of your biggest fans in California,

Michael Henry aka 'Hotelsinger'

This is devastating

Mr. Hudson, I have enjoyed listening to you on the podcast very much. I will miss you discoveries of the week. Good luck with the new job and congratulations to Mr. Morrison and Mr. Gregory!

Good luck with your new role

Hello Paul,

I hope that you will swift converting the entire IT division across to is so 1992!

Best luck with your new role; and promise that you will send us the occasional article or three to let us know that the evil Microsoft NT clusters haven't eaten you up!


Good luck

I really hope you will enjoy your new position. It will surely be diffrent.

As many others I can only add to the wish of guest apearences from time to time. You seem to be a person who likes to write, describe and teach so I would not be surprised if you do pop in at some time.

I started reading Linux

I started reading Linux Format under your editorship. I have use OpenSUSE (Linux special) and now Ubuntu but Linux still my second system because I'm still not understanding a lot of it but reading your magazine has brought me better knowledge and I hope one day I will have it as my main system - and also understand all that is in Linux Format instead of just parts of it.
Your coding special was of much use to me.
All best in your future.

Thank for very good Job,

Thank for very good Job, mate/

The podcast

If you're leaving the podcast, can you bring back Bob Moss or some other person on the tuxradar team? Maybe one of the knitting geeks from your building?

Good luck

Good luck in your new role, Paul. I've loved the work you've done in the magazine over the years, both as a writer and as an editor, and I hope you'll continue to contribute to the community in other ways (via coding and other writing).

I'm also looking forward to seeing what Graham comes up with; [oblig.] I for one welcome our new KDE-loving [heretic :)] overlord.

Ubuntu Lovin

Good luck Paul, lets hope Graham carries on the great job you guys do, besides being a Mythtv lunatic myself it could be a good thing....
I would love to apply for the new vacant position but I am not worthy of it....
Apart from the the real beer, of course.

Thanks for all your hard

Thanks for all your hard work, Paul - I've been a subscriber for many years (going back to issue 63 as a subscriber and a few singles before that), and I've very much enjoyed reading the magazine during your time there.

I hope whomever fills your spot (as nobody could fill your shoes) carries the torch as well as you did.

Good luck to you in the future.


No more python rants?!

Who will provide all the Mono/C# love and tell us that Python sucks?!
Thanks for all the "awesome" that you've provided in LXF over the last few years. i think the thing I'll miss most are the long rants against the "Ubuntu Format" accusation, which are usually followed by a 12 page article written by Jono Bacon on "building your own *buntu".
Good luck in the new role (I can only assume the money is astronomical, why else would you leave the most kick ass job in Linux) and many congrats to Graham, I look forward to all the KDE based synth love to come. Actually I'm still waiting for Mike to take over, rename the magazine "Slackware Format" (The magazine of the subgenius) and insist we all switch to Xfce and Nano.

Still the best Linux magazine on earth.


The Podcast

I listened to he first podcast without you and it was like missing a big big section. Mainly because you do all the voiceovery bits and look after the wheel of fortune in the hot seat section. you will be missed!


All the best for the future (I suppose that should be Future?), Mr Hudzilla.
Hope you'll still make the odd guest appearance. Thanks for all your hard work on the only IT mag worth reading.