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It’s 2020 and there’s no doubt that this is the year of Linux on the desktop. That’s the running joke among the Linux community, but the truth hiding behind it, is that there are millions of happy desktop Linux users out there in the world and this is your chance to join them.

If you’d told many people ten years ago Linux would be getting same-day driver support from manufacturers, you could game with Steam and play AAA titles natively on Linux, run a full office suite that is used by governments, render with software used by the largest game and film companies, that it was going to run the majority of mobile phones, and that a best-selling home computer (that’s the Pi) used it, they’d think you were mad. However, that’s where we are today, besides 20-years of the regular Linux server- and embedded-based shenanigans.

Serendipitously this issue of Linux Format goes on sale on the exact same day Microsoft ends the extended support period for Windows 7. So it feels like there’s no better time to run one of our Escape Windows features.

This year we’re offering up Pop_OS! as a favourite solution. Ubuntu-based, with an easy-to-use desktop, designed to game out of the box and offering plenty of key software, it’s an ideal choice for those getting started, especially when used with our guide and Jonni’s help. So it doesn’t matter if your system was running Windows 7 or something newer, there’s no reason not to spin up the LXFDVD and give it a try!

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