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No one likes work, especially here at Linux Format Towers! Jonni’s too busy bobbing around on his techno boat, Effy’s perfecting his martial art techniques for his 3rd dan black belt and I’m busy building another cardboard fort for the children to play in…

So when it comes to the actual work anything that helps us do it faster and better is welcome. As we’re all working from home now, it seemed the perfect time to dive into the many open source home office tools and solutions out there.

We’re decided to focus on how an open source smart home office looks and runs with a bit of help from the Raspberry Pi. From setting up a low-overhead video conferencing system to collaborative document editing and sharing, to more mundane smart-home control options, this is what happens when we leave Jonni to his own devices at home for six months!

Hopefully you’ll find something that will be of genuine use around your new working-from-home home office, or at least something for which use a spare Pi!

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