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Sat up here in our ivory Linux Format Tower, it’s easy to pour scorn on those lesser non-Linux using types, hopelessly switching their lights on and off with their phones, asking little round speakers what the weather is like and checking if their milk has gone off by looking at their smart-fridge display.

But why shouldn’t someone be able to remote-control their lights, control their heating or ask a system what the weather is in complete safety? So we’re exploring how open source can solve the IoT problem combining the Mycroft and OpenHAB projects to create a smart, secure voice controlled open source home. Heck it even ties into Google Home and Alexia if that’s your thing.

If having a smart home isn’t your thing then we’ve got a healthy pile of smart things to do with your install of desktop Linux. From the Roundup of disk cloning tools, so you can do smarter backups and deployments of systems to our very own Jonni attempting to annoy the Arch Linux community b y explaining how to turn it into Ubuntu; some may say that’s not very smart at all.

For project and tutorials we have more good news from getting started making music with Audacity, organising your photos in Shotwell, drawing useful diagrams with vectors, streaming games with Steam to creating stop motion animations with a Pi, exploring the new Web assembly language and troubleshooting serial connections there’s something for everyone who like tinkering with computers, so enjoy!

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