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Issue 136 - Networking made easy

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Solid security, high performance, failsafe wireless - solve your networking issues once and for all

Find out what's happening in the KDE world with our Akademy 2010 report

How does Ubuntu go from ideas to a full distro? The Community Manager tells all

On your free 4GB DVD: OpenSUSE 11.3 and Mandriva 2010 Spring - both with KDE and Gnome versions! Plus Tiny Core, development tools and more

Tutorials on Thunderbird, Bash, podcasting with Jokosher, FreeBSD...


Networking made easy

Linux is the best operating system in the world for network troubleshooting - we put it to work. (Graham Morrison)

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Distro challenge

As keen listeners to the TuxRadar podcast will know, we were challenged to use a Linux distribution for a fortnight from outside of the Distrowatch top 100. Here's what we chose... (Mike Saunders, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison, Andrew Gregory)

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How we build Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Community Manager steps back from the coalface to explain how the popular distribution is put together. (Jono Bacon)

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Akademy 2010 and the future of KDE

Once a year, the global KDE community meets. Our man was there... (Stuart Jarvis)

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Dr Brown's Administeria

How many filesystems does Linux understand? Prepare to be very impressed. Plus: Linux on Windows with Cygwin, and remote access to Linux via SSH, FTP and VNC. (Chris Brown)

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Interview: Michael Sheldon

We talk to the man rocking the open source audio world with Jokosher and (Jono Bacon)

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Mandriva 2010 Spring and OpenSUSE 11.3

Two first-class distros, both with KDE and Gnome incarnations! Plus: Tiny Core Linux, development tools, internet apps, games, podcasts and more. (Neil Bothwick)

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ngPlant, Ostinato, PySum, Picogen, Cuneiform, Psensor, The Butterfly Effect, Violetland, Wine, GiftedMotion (Nick Veitch)

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Google Docs: Easy forms

If you need to get data from various people on the internet, you could pay for a polling service, or use Google Docs for free. Plus: mail and calendars in Thunderbird. (Andy Channelle)

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RSS: Aggregate popular sites

If moving between your favourite sites bores you, we have the perfect solution to make surfing the web a more efficient experience. (Bob Moss)

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Jokosher: Make a podcast

LugRadio co-founder reveals how to use the app to create your own professional-sounding podcast to air to the masses. (Jono Bacon)

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Gettext: Spread the word

If English isn't your first language, why not help translate your favourite programs into your native tongue? We show you how. (Koen Vervloesem)

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Bash: Master init files

Implement your own init.d script and daemon process to monitor network availability. Nick swims through the sysvinit tunnels to guide you. (Nick Veitch)

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FreeBSD: Spot the difference

Is your ego writing more geek-point cheques than your distro can cash? Then Unix up your life with this hardcore guide to BSD. (Bob Moss)

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Mandriva 2010 Spring

Is the latest release from Mandriva enough to keep it relevant? We hope that reports of the distro's death are greatly exaggerated. (Bob Moss)

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OpenSUSE 11.3

Looking for a distro that gets the best out of KDE 4.x? You needn't look any further than Novell's latest Linux offering. (Nick Veitch)

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VLC 1.1.0

The name may be misleading, but does VideoLAN Client do what it's meant to do? (Neil Bothwick)

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Synology DS110+

A single-bay version of our favourite wired storage box makes Graham a happy man. (Graham Morrison)

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K3b CD/DVD burner

Despite the growth of online storage and cheap USB memory sticks, we find that there are still uses for decent disc burning software. (Andy Channelle)

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The offspring of two good-but-not-great handhelds, is Pandora set to be the world's first Linux-based dream machine? Let's find out... (Damien McFerran)

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Remote desktops

On test: Krdc, RealVNC Java Client, Remmina, TeamViewer, TigerVNC, Vinagre, NoMachine NX (Nick Veitch)

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News: The battle for open source navigation

Every single company in the world appears to have some sort of mapping application. Plus: Android upgrade (Froyo) for high-end phones; Mandriva Spring 2010.1; Humane PC and Humane Reader; new IBM Z Series and Power7 machines; Spotify for Linux, tablet mar (Andy Channelle)

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Distrowatch: Ubuntu 10.10

After a brief lull, more Maverick Meerkat details are emerging bleary-eyed from the burrow. Plus: Debian 6.0, Fedora 14, Ubuntu Unity interface. (Susan Linton)

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What on Earth: Google CL

As Google breaks from the shackles of the web browser, we explain its now command line tool - bringing Google Docs to a shell near you. (Bob Moss)

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