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Articles by Kent Elchuk

  • Issue 225 - Coding Academy: Cordova - Create Android apps
  • Issue 224 - Coding Academy: Create a web development system -
  • Issue 223 - Coding Academy: Android Studio -
  • Issue 222 - Coding Academy: AngularJS - Build a single-page web app
  • Issue 218 - Coding Academy: jQuery and Angular.js - Build single page applications
  • Issue 202 - Coding Academy: RSS aggregator - Write a PHP RSS feed aggregator
  • Issue 197 - Tutorial: HTTrack - Website cloning
  • Issue 195 - Tutorial: Livestreaming with Motion -
  • Issue 194 - Tutorial: Squirrel Mail -
  • Issue 191 - Feature: Build a PHP virtual dev box -
  • Issue 188 - Tutorial: PHP/SQLite: Mass emailer - Spread the word! Kent Elchuk explains how to send out email newsletters from your own server en masse while dodging most spam filters.
  • Issue 185 - Coding Academy: MySQL: Using spreadsheets - Easily transfer spreadsheets to and from SQL files with MySQL, phpMyAdmin and a bit of Canadian help .
  • Issue 183 - Tutorial: Advanced server - Want to learn how to administer a web server? Kent Elchuk shows you how to set up a fast-loading, resilient home web server for testing and training.
  • Issue 182 - Coding Academy: PHP: Custom website scraping - Based on your personal specifications, Kent Elchuk helps you find the exact data you want without any obstacles.

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